About us

Every house has a story. A story of people who are living there now or lived before. A story of their loves, laughs, happiness, and of course difficult times. The truth is that the emotion and affection of those people infuse vivacity within the cold bricks of a house. This story repeats for ornamental elements such as furniture in the house with one core difference. These products are infused by their designers. Hours of hours visualizing, drawing and manufacturing are spent for a new piece to be created. This newly-born piece needs to be cared for and be placed where is already alive by us which is simply our houses. Now is the time for welcoming new products that you know their origins and you know from what specific material from which country and by the hand of which specific designer it is produced. Therefore, you know its story and it completes the overall drama of your house since it has a real soul.

Luzid-studio offers a collection of products with authentic principles. Here is not designed to be an ordinary online shop website. We are honored to work with small to large designers whose products have a character, not a simple mass-produced chain that you can find on any shelf. We like to promote designers from all over the world in which their spectacular designs deserve more recognition. Here you get to know them and read about their own story and see their cozy studios as well as knowing their products. We believe once we assist others to grow, we also will grow, and together we are always strong. Welcome to our studio, you are here to create Lucid's future story.