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Designer furniture

Each spatial frame of your home completes a part of the overall story of your home. One of these frames is a cozy corner with a Scandinavian style teddy pouf along with touches of basswood on the Tucas Axel coffee table. This combination creates a fun-oriented micro corner in your home and makes it your favorite place.

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Handmade accessories

The precision, delicacy and sensitivity with which this handcraft was created is spectacular. The artist has spent many hours creating the aesthetic value that can be seen on this tile plate... In fact, this work of art is the result of an integration of the modern approach to visualizing tile art with the figurative expressions that the artist used in the traditional version adds to ceramic art.

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Different lighting

The design studio “Claws” strives to set a distinctive accent. The talented Studio Claws has designed an authentic orbital lamp that will not only illuminate your space but also give it a tasteful design aesthetic. We offer it in a range of exotic colors to signal its presence in your space as it glows.

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